How to read palms

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The reality of palm reading lines establish a kind of doubt about the fact that psychic interactive power and 7th sense can exist, most of the people can’t realize that clairvoyance is something obvious and they usually think that it’s an old myth and a belief that have no sense… but when we read on the internet for example about how to read palms and how can a normal person interpret his own hands lines we usually feel shocked and surprised , and that’s because palmistry is one of the most powerful science that clairvoyant have been using for decade  to transform the mystery of the existence to a reality.

read palms

In fact, palm hands or palm lines contain a hundred of information about you, your present your past and your future predictions around health, love, and luck and even about your richness or poorness and much more.

Clairvoyant and fortune teller us palmistry to go through your soul and break the mystery and the secret of your personality.
He can reveal what you really are and what you can be in the future. The palm reading lines is a power of clairvoyance that can also show you, things you never known about your own self.


I am sure that you have heard at least once in your life about gipsy or fortune teller, those weird people wearing different closes with a lot of jewelry and weird stuff about their makeup and their attitude… The most famous mediums and gipsy used their clairvoyance and their power through a hundred of methods of mediumship including the hands reading lines.

Since  their first breath in this life, those people borne with lot of luck and a powerful 7th sense psychic  that lead to  weird psychic interactive access  power , they also have a certain connection with the other world and ghosts. So they have easily access to a lot of secrets around your life…

 Before I get into details about palms reading I invite you to try this!!

We will give you a chance to experience this feeling of being like an open book in front of someone who can reveal your own secrets based only on your palm reading line forms. We offer a wonderful service of a free palmistry gipsy fortune teller… Only follow the steps to go further… And discover what your personality and your future predictions hide.

Mediumship guide for palm reading

How to read palms

Now I will give you some of tricks to know about hands line reading to show you how to read palms … I will show you a kind of hands reading guide that will lead you to understand how this practice of palmistry works.

As I told you before human hands is one of the most revealing part of the body which contain a hundreds of clues about the personality and the future predictions whether it is promising or not… Palms lines reading guide you to know about those secrets … And depending on their form, their thickness or their longer, the clairvoyant translate a different and unique interpretation and meaning  … Every single person have a different combination of lines on his palm hands which makes every single person unique…

There is 9 known hand reading line on the palmistry science, with 3 of them primordial to the destiny interpretation and the future prediction, it’s about the combination of head, love and life… unfortunately this is what makes existence so complicated for some of us.

Most of the time we feel incapable to find the balance between those three definitions which lead us to a deep hole of doubt and uncertainty… And this is exactly the purpose of the existence of fortune tellers and clairvoyant… Because we can’t face a problem without having any idea about it Therefore we can’t find a solution if we don’t have enough information about the issues.

The hand line reading is one of the most powerful method of Clairvoyance that can lead you to the solution… If you already know about what your own self hide you can easily face any problem you have in your life about any situation even about love, richness and relationships. Palm reading help you to understand how life around you works and how your deepest self can feel the more comfortable in his how existence by combining the power of your brain and conscience, your heart, and your entourage.

The future predictions: Head line hands reading  

Let’s get started with the wisdom hand line or the head line… We all know that brain is the maestro of the whole body including the physique part and the psychic one… Passing by the belief, the personality, the attitude and the way of thinking, the strength and self-control.

The head line is one of the most powerful line in the mediumship of palmistry , he is localized in the middle of the hand and start from the edge between thumb and the forefinger and depending on it lengths , it bending and it thickness the clairvoyant can conclude your degree of intelligence and wisdom 

Having a long head line ending till the small finger indicate to a clear mind and a positive thinking. You are an organized person while thinking and you don’t confuse between what you think about and what you do because you are clever and opportunist person. But at the same time you are easily lead to think too much and get into blind alley.

Even if you have a medium head palm line  that extend to the ring finger you are very smart and you have a higher ability of doing things and past to actions than those with long head line. In the other hand if you have a short head line you are probably hasty…

You past to action before even thinking about the consequence you are also a carless person you don’t care about what’s going on around you .. You are fearless about what can happened about your negligence and your disregard you can also be indecisive and have a real difficulty to make choices. However a person with a short head line can have a very fast reaction in front of delicate situations.  

Having a straight head line can show that you have a remarkable sense of observation and a strong ability to analyses the smallest detail in a main situation.

Person that have his own theories of life… You are an influencer instead of being impacted by people you are a source of inspiration due to your strong personality and your ability to defend your own thoughts and transmit them to the others … most of the clairvoyant link that kind of line to the intelligence . You are supposed to be a clever person and have a vast knowledge.

If you have curved head line

Probably gentle and kind but also have a strong personality, in the palmistry guide you should be someone who know exactly when to be nice with people and when to show your other face in some other situations you are also realistic and believe on what you see in front of you instead of living in your imagination. You prefer to face the reality this kind of line hand have also a lot of knowledge about literature, social sciences and psychology.

But if you have a hand line steep downward you have probably a vast imagination and a huge creativity, you must be an artist or a painter or a poet or maybe a writer .you live in your own world and don’t believe in realistic thought because you think that every things is possible and you never know what depression mean. But you are very influenced by emotions which don’t mean that you have a weak personality.

The future predictions: Heart line hands reading  

Also called love line or marriage hand line. This one is the symbol of affection and love. It show how deep is someone’s passion towards love. It’s a major hand line that contribute on future predictions and help to analyses someone’s personality.

Finding love in this life is a universal goal that everyone want to achieve… Most of the people are looking for clairvoyant and fortune tellers to solve their problems about love because they usually feel miserable and desperate about it and that’s, they get through bad experiences about it and probably feel guilty about their chance to find this passion of life thinking that the problem is coming from the other part.

How to read palms
Click on the palms to read it

mediumship and palmistry  have been existing for decades to prove that  every single person have a specified attitude around love it never depend only on the person we love but also one our own attitude towards love in general ..

Hands line reveal what we really are and break the secret of the attitude we get towards different situations as friendship, money and love.

If you have a short line which extends to the middle finger that mean that you are someone who prefer to concentrate on himself and put his own person in the center of his interest.

You are merciless in love you are incapable to open your heart to someone , so you can easily tend to spend the rest of your life lonely because people avoid you most of the time. In the other side if you have a very long marriage line that extend to the edge of the palm from both side you probably are someone who invest a lot in love…

give a lot and have a hug expectation from the other part because your love is pure and thru bar you can easily be broken and be affected by separation.

The future predictions: life line hands reading   

How to read palms

The heart and the brain form a strong duo that control your choices and the steps you are about to take in your life but only if you know about your health and the length of your existence. And this is exactly what life line does. He predict how much you are resistant to illness or catastrophe this hands line is the secret of your vitality.


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